"...they will have made of the ridiculous a little religion, and out of Penguinity brought peace." - Eaton

January 20, 2010

How to celebrate National Penguin Awareness Day

Today Americans celebrate National Penguin Awareness Day. What to do? Holiday Insights suggests:

... spend a little time learning about them.... a pictorial book or internet site [i.e. Penguinity.com] is fun. You can also watch a documentary of these cute and popular, grounded birds. These days are also a time to wear black and white---penguin colors. However, wearing a tuxedo in their honor is optional. It is also popular today to tell a penguin joke or two.

The next major day for penguins is April 25, World Penguin Day. Mark your calendar.

Of course, every day is penguin day at Penguinity.com.